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There was a vicar at Glossop by 1362 (Cox 1877) and this assessment makes the assumption that the medieval vicarage stood in the same approximate area as the 19th century vicarage. The house was described in 1635 as containing ‘two bays of building, one stab le, one cow house ... the other piece of building and two little bays for hay, turf and the like’ (Hanmer & Winterbottom 1991). A. Ferrier of about 1740 notes that ‘There is a poor piece of Building of a bout two Bays which they call ye Vicarage House. There is a garden, orchard and Fold yard, as to the Glebe there is none left ...’. The present vicarage was built in 1851.

Murdered Priest

Location: Glossop - Rectory
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Unknown
Further Comments: The appearance of a phantom man in black robes caused the family cook to hand in her notice. Around the same time, a thin woman wearing a dark dress with an indistinct face was seen several times by the parson, his wife, and other witnesses. The ghostly man was thought to have been a former priest who was murdered by his wife, who in turn also returned to haunt the building.




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