Thorpe Street Corner Shop


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This corner shop with its elevated accommodation access and the two local family three storey houses on each side of it was compulsory purchased and demolished by the Council in the late 1950's

This was done in order to widen Church Street and the Thorpe road corner and put in footpaths to make it safer for the increased traffic and pedestrians that use the area.

Unfortunately the money set aside for this was spent elsewhere outside the village and a private garden was made in the area previously occupied by these interesting and full functionalist dwellings.

A new general stores was built at the back of the plot but due to trading changes was finally shut and converted into a single private dwelling.

The Young lass in front of the "Handy Shop" with her parents Terry and Mary O'Toole is now called Christine O'Toole Jackson

The half hidden cat behind the post on the right hand side of the steps is called Ginger

Handy Shop



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