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Hall Fold Farm


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The farmhouse is a new build, from an old falling down barn. It was opposed by HPBC planners but supported by the villagers. Fortunately common sense prevailed and the planning committee passed it.
The result is a totally in keeping residence built from the original barn materials wherever possible. This includes a stone plaque in the photo which was found when the foundations where dug out.

The farmer Mr. Peter Lomas and his wife Paula are to be congratulated on their vision and dedication in improving the village scene.

On the right hand side of the lane opposite the farmhouse is a grade !! listed barn, which is being allowed by its owners to fall into total disrepair so that it will have to be demolished and a house or two built instead.

At the end of the lane are three cottages that have survived the councils cull of original village cottages by condemning and demolishing. Then from the late 1960's allowing totally out of keeping overspill estates to be built in the area.

The lane continues into a pleasant mile long walk which ends up at the start of the Snake pass where the Royal Oak pub offers a nice refreshing drink and a warm welcome to all including their dogs and children.

I will be adding this walk on this site in the near future.


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