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Originally Endowed and Built, with Master's residence, in 1852 by Henry Charles 13th Duke of Norfolk, enlarged in 1887 to accommodate 250 boys, 250 girls and 100 infants.

White's History, Gazeteer & Directory of Derbyshire & Sheffield, 1857, describes the school as "The Grammar School, Old Glossop" and tells us it was "a handsome Elizabethan stone building, erected by the late Duke of Norfolk, in 1852, at a cost of £2000.

It is situated at the west end of the church-yard and consists of a boy's, girls' and infants' rooms, with residence for the head-master; the boys' room is 90 feet by 33 feet, and 23 feet high.

The master's residence forms the eastern end of the building, and the girls' and infants' rooms the western. It will afford accommodation for above 500 children and the average attendance is about 400."

The head master was Mr Alfred J. Littler. The directory goes on to say "The Mechanics Institution, established in 1842, is held in the Grammar School, in connection with which is an excellent collection of upwards of 10,000 volumes of books, besides the leading periodicals. It consists of about 100 members who pay an annual subscription of 5s; Mr Adam Knott, Librarian.".

Further information is given under Charities: "In 1852, His Grace the late Duke of Norfolk had the old school taken down and the present handsome structure erected on the site, at a cost of £2,000, and which he munificently endowed with £4000, 3 per cent consoles.

It is termed the Grammar or Head school, and is capable of accommodating 550 children; the present attendance is above 400, viz., Upper school, 59 boys and 79 girls; Second school, 133 boys; Infants' school, 130. The terms are, boys, classical instruction, 15s. per quarter; Commercial only, 10s. Second school, boys, 4d per week. Girls school, First division 3d., and Second division 2d. per week.

The head master receives a salary of £70 per annum (and the fees) with residence; the Mistress £45 per annum, and the Infant schoolmaster £25 per annum, both inclusive of fees, but no residence. The schools are open to children of all denominations.".

The Post Office Directory of Derbyshire, 1876, says "In the immediate vicinity of the parish church is a large and handsome endowed school, with residence for the master, built and endowed by the late Henry Charles Duke of Norfolk. There are upwards of 300 scholars on the registers.". In the list of schools it states that William Mitchell was master and Mrs Emma Mitchell, mistress.

Kelly's Directory of Derbyshire, 1895, has a list of schools including this entry. "Endowed, Old Glossop, with master's residence, built and endowed in 1852 by Henry Charles, 13th Duke of Norfolk, & enlarged in 1887, for 250 boys, 250 girls and 100 infants; average attendance, 100 boys, 70 girls & 65 infants; Arthur Henry Roberts, master; Miss Moore, mistress; Miss Arnold, infants' mistress.

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The Village School

This scene from the BB C's new series "The Village" was taken inside the school.

The Village is written by Bulletining writer Peter Muffed, with the first series beginning in 1914 and ending in 1920.

The camera never leaves the village. Births, deaths, love and betrayal, great political events, upheavals in national identity, ways of working, rules, sex, religion, class, the shaping of modern memory – all are reflected through the lives of the villagers.



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