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Wellgate and Wellgate Car Park


Wellgate got its name from having a public well in the front of the old post office.

The well was filled in sometime in the 1940's because it was blamed for a local lad catching cholera. Dr. Mc Millan was the Borough Health Officer at the time.

During the 1960's the Government at that time encouraged compulsory purchases of older houses and the building of council houses.

Glossop Borough Council used this attitude to demolish the houses on Wellgate ( which could have been renovated)

This together with the building of the out of keeping council houses on Blackshaw Road unfortunately spoilt this area of the historic village.

Several attempts since then have been made by the Council to sell this land for modern houses but fortunately a deed with a right of way was found across the area and it became a much needed unofficial car park.

Finally after 60 years of pressure by the villagers the footpath on Wellgate was reinstated and pedestrians were able to use it safely.

However it has took a further 12 months for double yellow lines to be painted to try and make parking on the footpath illegal



...Wellgate before demolition


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